Hacking Stereotypes Festival 2023


The Hacking Stereotypes Festival, first launched in 2016, has successfully engaged over 20.000 educators and 1.000.000 students to date. In our upcoming 2023 edition, taking place between June and November, we are excited to expand our reach to English-speaking students for the first time. We are thrilled to launch the English-language version of our festival, inviting more individuals to join this wonderful event and participate in its transformative experience.

What is the festival about:

Our objective is to share our experience and tools with educators, teachers, schools, community centers, organizations, NGOs, universities, and academic institutions interested in fostering a critical perspective on mass media and mainstream cultural content (including each one’s own personal consumption). We aim to assist them in working with their students and members to analyze and identify how these media and cultural representations perpetuate symbolic violence, gender stereotypes, the neglect of diversity, romanticized notions of happiness and success. Furthermore, we aim to explore how these issues relate to problems such as bullying, eating disorders, depression, and other challenges faced during childhood and teenage years, and also towards adult life.

What is «hacking» stereotypes?

«Hacking» stereotypes is a creative and educational experience in which we use mass media, advertising, and mainstream culture repeated images and messages as a starting point to question them. Through this process, we aim to identify stereotypes and symbolic violence and encourage a critical perspective that questions these messages and images. We have developed up to 9 different activities that facilitate discussions and promote dialogue between teachers and students on essential topics in their lives.

Who is the target audience for the Festival?

The festival is open to teachers of all levels, including those in college, university, and post-degree studies, as well as any public educational organization or individuals teaching a group of people. Participation is free of charge.

What do we do?

We provide step-by-step guides for each activity, including a minimum of 9 hacking activities designed by us and our institutional partners. Each activity is accompanied by instructions, materials, and audiovisual content. We are available to address any doubts or questions, review participants’ work throughout the activities, and share selected content on our Instagram and within our community.

Discover our activities

First step:

Hackathon Activities 

Gender roles, stereotypes and discourse

How are we seen on Wikipedia?

Hacking Stereotypes

Hacking Greek Myth

Hacking The Simpson Family

Hacking gender-role stereotypes 

Meme and social media hackathon

Hacking Films: The myth of romantic love

Have you ever wondered if...?

Second step:


Once you have completed the hackathon, we ask you to complete this teacher survey and send us, if possible, in one folder, the productions of the students. We also request that the students complete the student survey. With all this information and productions, we will continue to produce materials for more people and generate useful information to promote change.

These activities were translated by MQNFT Translators Club. A group of Spanish-speaking women who volunteered their time for free to bring our content to other parts of the world. Coordinated by: Selva Arín. Team of translators: Vanina Sosa, Mariela Talavera Ballon, Adriana Barrionuevo, Mariana Iranzi, Sol Durso, Vanesa Moya.

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